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Chew Jetty Penang is located at Weld Quay, George Town, Penang and is 21 kilometres away from Lexis Suites Penang. It is the biggest of the waterfront settlements in Georgetown and was part of the Clan Jetties Penang settling at the southern section of Weld Quay. The wooden piers built by the Chinese were divided between the different surname-based clans such as “Lim”, “Tan”, “Lee”, “Yeoh” and finally “Chew”, which was the most famous of all. Chew Jetty has also become one of the focal points of the Chinese New Year celebrations in Penang in recent years.

Back in 1918, the Chinese ancestors of Chew Jetty Penang heard that jobs were aplenty in Penang and many were attracted to earn a living there. The Clan Jetty was built on stilts by Chinese immigrants and each jetty comprises row houses on stilts joined by wooden walkways over the water. The most joyous moment with a carnival atmosphere at Chew Jetty Penang is when the Weld Quay settlements celebrate the Jade Emperor’s birthday by making offerings on a 20-metre long altar decorated with sugarcanes, a colourful dragon, joss sticks, roasted piglets, traditional cakes and fruits that are offered to the deity. During this event, throngs of people, be it devotees, locals or tourists, will visit Chew Jetty Penang to enjoy the lion dance and fireworks lit at midnight.

The historical Chew Jetty Penang has become a popular tourist attraction with many of the row houses at the jetty selling souvenirs, handcrafted items and food. Some row houses have even been turned into restaurants and are known for selling local delicacies, attracting the hungry tummies of the visitors strolling on the wooden walkways of Chew Jetty Penang.

If you have never visited a clan jetty sitting on top of the water, Chew Jetty Penang should definitely be at the top of your list. Book a room with us now at Lexis Suites Penang to pay a visit to the beautiful Chew Jetty Penang, then enjoy a cooling dip in your private pool once the visit is over!

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