Lexis Hotel Group Contributes to Nature Conservation - Raptor Watch 2019

News 2019 - Hotel Contribution to Nature Conservation, Raptor Watch | Lexis Hibiscus® Port Dickson

In conjunction with the 20th Raptor Watch of Malaysian Nature Society (MNS), Lexis Hotel Group together with Platinum Charters arranged an awareness campaign for conservation of nature, forest and raptors with 22 students from 11 schools around Port Dickson.

The event was officiated by Yang Teramat Mulia, Dato' Hj Muhammad Bin Hj Abdullah, Undang Luak Johol along with Yang Berhormat Tuan Ravi Munusamy, Deputy Speaker Dun Negeri Sembilan, Patrick Theseira, Director of Platinum Charters, Maichal Isthyben, Park Manager from Malaysian Nature Society and Simon Tan, General Manager of Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson.

The main objective of this campaign is to raise awareness and educate the community, especially school children, on the importance of nature conservation. Protecting and conserving our environment is an extremely important part of ensuring that our future generations will still have a green earth to call home. But educating them on how to do the same for their future generations is just as crucial. This annual activity is a great opportunity to educate the younger generation and instil in them the love for wildlife and nature. During the event, school children get to experience and learn first-hand how their support and actions will contribute to the conservation and preservation of Malaysian forests and natural environment. They also had a fun-filled learning experience observing these magnificent migratory birds on board of the cruise.