World Luxury Hotel Awards 2023

Lexis Hotel Group
Global Winner: Luxury Management Group
Continent Winner (Asia): Luxury Collection Group
Continent Winner (Asia): Luxury Brand

Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson
Continent Winner (Asia): Luxury Water Villa Resort
Country Winner (Malaysia): Luxury Private Pool Villa 
Country Winner (Malaysia): Luxury Lifestyle Resort 

Lexis Suites Penang
Continent Winner (Asia): Luxury Concept Hotel
Country Winner (Malaysia): Luxury All Suite Hotel 
Country Winner (Malaysia): Luxury Beachfront Hotel 

Lexis Hotels and Resorts, the esteemed Malaysian hospitality brand, once again demonstrated its international prowess by securing multiple accolades at the 17th annual World Luxury Awards Gala Ceremony, held in Athens, Greece on October 28, 2023.

This extravagant gathering brought together nearly 300 top establishments in the luxury hospitality industry, to celebrate their unwavering dedication and commitment to excellence. Two iconic resorts within the Lexis portfolio earned a well-deserved six awards for their unparalleled services and guest experiences, while Lexis Hotel Group proudly received three additional awards from the esteemed World Luxury Hotel Awards, a premier honour within the global tourism industry.

A defining moment of pride for Lexis Hotel Group came with their distinction as the global winner of the "Luxury Management Group" award. The group also attained distinctions including Continent Winner (Asia) for “Luxury Collection Group" and "Luxury Brand." Additionally, Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson was celebrated as the Continent Winner (Asia) for "Luxury Water Villa Resort" and was acknowledged as the best in Malaysia in the categories of "Luxury Private Pool Villa" and "Luxury Lifestyle Resort."

Simultaneously, Lexis Suites Penang secured recognition as the Continent Winner (Asia) for the "Luxury Concept Hotel" and claimed Country Winner (Malaysia) titles in the categories of "Luxury All Suite Hotel" and "Luxury Beachfront Hotel".  The honours were received by Lexis Hotel Group's management team - President of Lexis Hotel Group – Dato’ Prof. Mandy Chew Siok Cheng, Senior Vice President of Corporate Services – Mr. Tiu Kwe Yee, and Senior Vice President of Sales & Business Development – Mr. Steve Woon.

The World Luxury Hotel Awards, recognized as the epitome of success for luxury hotels and resorts worldwide, sets the standard for opulent experiences, with winners determined through votes by genuine hotel guests, travel agents, and tour operators, spotlighting the dedication of these exceptional establishments in delivering authentically unique and immersive luxury travel experiences to global travellers.