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Jumbo Black Gourmet Burger

Craving for a juicy burger with some delicious fries? Try our Jumbo Black Gourmet Burger that is guaranteed to fulfil even the most insatiable appetite. With a succulent jumbo-sized freshly grilled chicken or beef patty, accompanied by layers and layers of melted cheese, caramelised onions, sliced tomato, fresh lettuce and a whole sunny-side-up egg, this mound of deliciousness definitely sounds like the ultimate guilty indulgence.

But worry not, with our special charcoal brioche bun that is known for its detoxifying and health-benefiting properties, this mouth-watering Godzilla of all burgers is made to be more guilt-free! To guarantee that your satisfaction level hits a home run, each set comes with a generous amount of crispy french fries and a value add-on option of double-scoop ice cream. This irresistible offering will surely please any real food-lover, so don’t miss out and try the Jumbo Black Gourmet Burger today!

Outlet: Roselle Coffee House 
Time: 11.30am till 11.00pm (Daily)
Price: RM35nett per set
Contact: 04 – 628 2888   Ext. 2858